Whether your band wants to cut a CD or you need to record a voice over for a radio commercial, Gitano Productions has the capability to make Digital Audio Recordings to suit any need.  All recordings are done using the newest version of Pro Tools, a wide variety of plug ins, microphones, and preamps. In addition to recording, Gitano Productions can handle all aspects that go along with recording including: editing, mixing, mastering, CD duplication, printing and artwork design. 

Although we can provide traditional studio recording, Gitano Productions specializes in Live Multi-Track Recording.  This means that we have the ability to come to any gig venue and record up to 32 individual channels of audio directly to Pro Tools.  This allows the recording to be edited, mixed, and mastered AFTER the gig, as if it were recorded in a studio.  Why settle for a simple 2 track stereo mix of your gig?  Especially when that engineer is mixing for the sound of the room, not the sound of the recording! The best part is that the live mix has no effect on the recording and the recording has no effect on the live mix.  They are 100% independent from each other.  This is an excellent way to get a high quality recording while saving a lot of very costly studio time.  Additioinally, because all instruments are tracked individually, we are still able to do punch ins and overdubs at a later date.  

Recording rates vary from project to project. We prefer to operate on a “project rate” rather than an “hourly rate”. Please contact us with your ideas and questions so that we can help you plan your project on a budget that suits your needs.

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